COVID-19 Signage Archive

About Map Upload
Hi! The COVID-19 Signage Archive aims to preserve and invite exploration of the worldwide, physical, pandemic-related messaging that has come into existence beginning in early 2020. The project seeks to archive these ephemera, and to help document the linguistic landscapes of shared concepts such as social/​physical distancing, mask-wearing, and hand washing – while simultaneously serving as an accessible dataset/​corpus available for linguistic and sociological analysis. It launched in December 2020.
The project and site was envisioned and built by eli fessler, a.k.a. @frozenpandaman on Twitter. For any questions, concerns, or comments, please email me! (I also don't have a job right now. Everything here was built entirely from scratch over the course of multiple months. Please consider stopping by my Ko-fi page to leave a tip + support the cost of running the site, or check out my website! Thanks!)
All images on the site are designated free cultural works and are available under the permissive CC BY 4.0 license. Please reach out if you're using images or data provided by the project!

The search field, by default, searches by location, or by date if given a YYYY-MM or YYYY-MM-DD format. Searches are not case-sensitive. Various prefixes allow searching by other fields:
  • text:keep apart searches for signs which include the words "keep" and "apart" (in any order, including "keep 6ft apart")
  • text:"keep apart" searches for the exact phrase "keep apart" (excluding "keep 6ft apart")
  • in:CA searches for photos from the state of California, non-city specific (also works with countries)
  • by:eli searches for photos by an author name containing "eli" (including "Elizabeth")
  • by:"eli" searches for the exact author name "eli" (excluding "Elizabeth")

Future additions
Feedback and suggestions are appreciated via Twitter or email!
  • Thumbnailing – for faster load times
  • Tags – for hand-written signs, signs in different languages, signs with emoji, etc.
  • Related submissions, e.g. standardized business or government signs in different locations
  • Corpus download (text only)
  • Japanese localization support
Special thanks