COVID-19 Signage Archive

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List of tags:
3 amharic 2 arabic 17 chinese 37 closures 575 distancing 12 emoji 1371 english 4 filipino 8 finnish 159 floor marker 62 german 100 governmental 1 haitian creole 164 hand-written 5 hebrew 2 hmong 1 irish 1 italian 10 japanese 8 korean 144 limits 747 masks 4 mural 12 no text 2 portugese 32 reopening 17 russian 247 sanitizing 3 somali 69 spanish 2 swedish 79 symptoms 10 testing 13 typos 89 vaccines 5 ventilation 10 vietnamese

Note that many signs have yet to be tagged (i.e. the above distributions are not representative of the entire database).

Tag definitions:
closures temporary or permanent facility/business closures (e.g. not just "dining room closed" or "table closed") distancing mentions of social or physical distance/distancing, requests to "stay apart," etc. emoji signs that use emoji characters (not emoticons or generic smiley face graphics) floor marker markers or stickers on the ground (or those intended for the ground) governmental designed or mass-produced by a public health department or government agency hand-written signs that have a hand-written/hand-designed component, whether fully or partially limits specific time or numerical occupancy limits masks mentions or imagery of masks and/or other face coverings sanitizing references to hand washing, sanitizing, or the sanitization/cleaning of surfaces symptoms mentions of specific symptoms of COVID-19 (e.g. not "stay home if sick") or vaccine side effects typos typographical errors (not for grammar/spelling mistakes – but both should include "[sic]" in their transcription)
All others should be self-descriptive!