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By uploading a photograph, you certify you're OK with contributing it to this project as a free cultural work, and have the right to license it under a CC BY 4.0 license – meaning it can be shared or adapted by anyone for any purpose, given appropriate credit.

All file uploads are logged to prevent abuse. Exif data is removed. Thank you for contributing! :)

Mini-FAQ: Can I upload ______? Sure, if you think it fits! This project aims to catalog temporary signage that will disappear after COVID-19 which references the pandemic or resultant measures, such as social/​physical distancing, mask-wearing, hand washing, and vaccination. Signs on businesses, guerrilla stickers/​posters, murals, billboards, floor markers, and more are all welcome. Photos will be curated to curtail spam. If you have questions, send an email or tweet. How should I format location? If in the US: City, ST (e.g. Seattle, WA). If elsewhere: City, Country (e.g. Budapest, Hungary). Feel free to specify further for ambiguous names. Author? The name of the photographer (presumably you). This can be a full name, pseudonym, or an online handle – however you'd like to be credited if anyone wants to use your photo. If this field is left blank, it will default to "Anonymous". Why the text/transcription? Transcribing the primary (relevant) text on your sign is for accessibility and helps make this collection available as a dataset/​corpus of (computer-readable) text – for the sake of language-based analysis of signage. This is not technically required to successfully upload a photo but really helps!